About the MPM Calculator

The Society of Actuaries (SOA) has developed the Multiemployer Plan Metrics (MPM) Calculator, a tool to calculate selected metrics for the universe of U.S. multiemployer pension plans.

  • The MPM Calculator uses selected metrics for multiemployer pension plans, based on publicly available data provided from the U.S. Department of Labor’s Form 5500.
  • The MPM Calculator replicates the calculations from the SOA’s papers Multiemployer Plan Stress Metrics Paper, published in August 2015 and its update, U.S. Multiemployer Plan Stress Metrics, published in May 2016. Replicates calculations include the previous benefit cost (PBC) and the previous benefit cost ratio (PBCR).
  • The MPM Calculator uses the reported market value of assets.
  • The liability and normal cost values available through the MPM Calculator are adjusted from reported current liability values to reflect the user-specified discount rate.

The MPM Calculator is designed to:

  • Rapidly perform tabulations on 5500 data for about 1,200 multiemployer pension plans and provide distributions of results.
  • Determine the PBC and the PBCR, as well as many additional metrics.
  • Output any set of user-specified percentiles from a metric distribution.
  • Help examine the results of separate side-by-side tabulations, as long as the selected percentiles for distribution remain the same.

The SOA intends to update this dataset periodically. Contact retirement research actuary Lisa Schilling, FSA, EA, FCA, MAAA with any questions or comments about the MPM Calculator.