How to Use the MPM Calculator

The MPM Calculator is designed for users who are somewhat familiar with the multiemployer pension plan system in the United States. For more information about what some of the selection items mean, please see Multiemployer Plan Stress Metrics research paper or its updated counterpart.

Here are some tips for using the MPM Calculator:

  • Give each scenario a name (optional)—it will help to differentiate among your results if you add more scenarios.
  • The MPM Calculator allows you to choose specific metrics from specific years.
  • Use the selection boxes to both define the metric and to select a method for weighting the results.
  • All metrics are ratios of one data element over another. To see a distribution of a specific single data element, select it for the numerator and select “1.00” for the denominator.
  • When choosing a discount rate for liabilities, you may choose a single discount rate that will be applied to all plans; or you may check the box to “Use Plan Discount Rate” and the tool will use for each plan the discount rate that is used to determine its minimum funding requirements (potentially a different discount rate for each plan).
  • The MPM Calculator shows how the selected metrics look across the universe of multiemployer pension plans in the U.S.; it does not show metric results for a specific plan. Figures for a specific plan are publicly available via the U.S. Department of Labor’s website.